A Great Pot for One Pot Meals

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A Great Pot for One Pot Meals

Calphalon 5 Qt. Saute Pan


My favorite sauté pan for putting together a quick and easy one pot weeknight meal in a hurry. I’ve had one for 14 years and use it 2 or 3 times a week and it is still non-stick and oven safe.


Some of the naysayer reviews say that theirs has warped. I haven’t had that problem with this sauté pan nor any of my other calphalon pots and pans. I’ve used them over the years on both gas and electric burners. But if you have any problems with any Calphalon product they come with a lifetime warranty

Pros and cons…….


Non-stick,,Cleanup is minimal

Oven Safe,,I have used at 450° and have never had a problem. As with any pan let it cool before you wash it.

Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Wide and high sided enough to prepare a whole meal all in one pot.

Lasts a loooong time. i’ve had this pan and many other Calphalon products for lots of years and never have had to replace one.


Non stick surfaces can be scratched when using steel utensils. You should use plastic , wooden or nylon surfaced utensils .

Oven safe but not dishwasher safe. Calphalon states that it’s non-stick products are not dishwasher safe. I think that they are just covering their butt. My wife has put Calphalon non-stick pots and pans in the dishwasher and never had a problem.

Here is a link to==> Calphalon’s lifetime warranty

Some reviews…….

Katrina said,,”Love this cookware……….easy even cooking on my electric stove top, and easy clean up. The BEST cookware ever.”

Brenda said,,”wish I had bought it earlier – the right size for many things.”

Jill said,,”This is the most common size pan used at our house. My friend had this pan, so I ordered it and am very happy with it. It did have a slight smell when we first got it, but after we washed it, the smell was gone. It never made our food taste funny.”

Sara said,,”This pan is warped. I have only used it a few times, and it was warped from the first use. I always let my cookware cool back down to room temp to avoid potential warping. I have always been happy with Calphalon products but this is a disappointment. Whenever I cook anything now, it all slides to one side of the pan.”

George said,,”Great skillet loving it.”

Katheryn said,,This pan is large, easy to clean and easy to use. It’s held up really well with frequent oven use. I use it often! Quality for the price is super!”



Question: How wide and deep is this pan?
Answer: The pan is 12 inches wide inside and 2.5 inches deep inside. The handle is about 9.25 inches long. The walls of the pan are about 1/8″ thick.

Question: Can you use metal utensils in this pan?
Answer: Thank you for your interest in our products. The Simply Nonstick 5-qt Saute Pan is not metal utensil safe. We recommend only using nylon, coated or wooden utensils on nonstick cookware.
By Calphalon MANUFACTURER on November 17, 2015

Question: can the pan be used on High heat without warping?
Answer: I’ve used it on high for charring fish and steak and haven’t had any problems with either warping or causing the non-stick coating degrading
By J. Muri on January 21, 2016

Question: Is this pan safe for ceramic cooktops? Is the bottom of the pan real smooth? Thank you.
Answer: I have a glass top electric stove and it works great on that. The bottom of this particular one is smooth.
By handydandy on December 2, 2015

So check it out. You will serve up great one pot meals and save a lot of time, effort and cleanup.